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My name is Lina! 

I am a podcaster, business owner, transformational empowerment coach and physical therapist.

Helping others lights my soul on fire and that’s why I am here! 

I'm a multi passionate free-spirit and personal development NERD obsessed with empowering you to step into YOUR true power to become the absolute best version of YOU. You know the you that YOU want to be, not the watered down version society has created for you.

For most of my young adult life I struggled with body image, self esteem and confidence. So, girl, I GET IT! I understand where you are right now - feeling lost, unsure of who you are, and wondering if it ever gets better. I’m here to tell you that it does.

There is SO MUCH MORE out there!

My mission is to empower you to deeply connect with who you are at your core so you transform into the person YOU want to be & unleash your limitless potential. I'm here to show you that you, too, can create that free and joyful lifestyle that you crave!

My hope for you is that you take the leap, invest in yourself and see just how powerful you are in mind, body and spirit!

Thank you for being here. I am so excited to watch you flourish!

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